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What is Nopal?
Oro Verde® Organic Nopal comes from the edible Opuntia ficus indica variety of nopal cactus.  There are two food crops derived from the nopal. One is the "nopalitos", or the cactus pads,  and the other is the ‘prickly pear’ fruit of the cactus, grown in Northern Mexico. Both are eaten fresh in the region.

Altitude is the key to a successful field of nopal. The three largest producing states all have altitudes exceeding 2000m. Oro Verde® comes from these high altitude fields, situated on a steep pine-forested slopes at 2400m - the ideal growing conditions for premium organic nopal.

The Oro Verde® farmers produce mature nopal stems that grow up to 30cm in length. This length of stem is prized as the most fibrous in Mexico delivering mature nopal pads of exceptional nutritional quality.

The nopal pads are cut from the stems, then washed, sliced and solar dehydrated and sterilised before being ground down into powder form and packed into 335g sealed bags. The product is 100% organic and natural with nothing added.